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Bland nose. Nice blood orange flavor front. Dissipates on back end. Lee H. Drinking beer in a cheesy 3 bed motel room in the UP is my jam. Brett K.

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Stephanie S. Jesse B. Propose Edit Propose Duplicate. It tells of its singer describing the horrific sights in Hell. At least once, the band has played under an actual rain of blood, drenching them in red as they play their instruments, ending with a " See You in Hell " to their audience. Video Games. Before that happened, he levitated his victim above him and made them explode. The censored versions had the blood recoloured white. Suija's ZO remained the same Draw your own conclusions as to what THIS entailed. Legend of Mana has a move of this name that throws the enemy into the air and cleaves him open with a broadsword, creating the Rain Of Blood in the process.

Castlevania Starting with Castlevania: Rondo of Blood , most of the series mains have died in roughly this manner Absolutely anything, from being hit with a giant axe, to being lightly tapped by an angry bat when low on health, will cause them to fly into the air and dissolve in a mist of blood. Subverted in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia , where Shanoa simply collapses if she gets killed while on the ground most times instead of this trope, which only happens under certain circumstances.

Somewhat annoying from a gameplay perspective, as you may not immediately notice that she's dead.

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  4. Given that he does so with one hit from anything , even if said hit is from the side of a spike or a stationary fruit , you will see this animation A LOT. In No More Heroes , everything Travis kills dies in a geyser of blood. In Half-Life 2 : Episode 2 , DOG kills a Combine Strider by ripping the armor off its 'head', jamming his hand inside, and tearing the brain out in a shower of yellow-brown blood. In Mortal Kombat 9 , Both fatalities of DLC character Skarlet feature her slicing open a massive wound either on the neck or stomach and swishing her face around under like shes taking a shower.

    Quan Chi's Brutality in Mortal Kombat X has him do his regular portal throw attack but instead of his opponent coming out the portal in one piece like usual, they arrive as Ludicrous Gibs and a severed head pouring atop Quan Chi. The Indian Rope Trick, an alleged stage illusion, features the magician "dismembering" his assistant in an unlit area above the stage and tossing his severed body parts to the floor. There's no evidence that this was ever actually performed, and real-life magicians doubt the supposed methods used to accomplish it, but story—accounts of it date back at least to Blood: The Last Vampire does this with the "body in tree" variety.

    In the Geobreeders manga, the protagonists are chasing a Ghost Cat through a passenger train. The Unlucky Everydude character notices something dripping on the windows, and realizes that the Ghost Cat had gone into the driver compartment and slaughtered the train staff, resulting in their blood streaming past the windows. This, incidentally, is an action-comedy manga.

    In a flashback dream in the Tsukihime anime, the blood of Shiki's mother drips down from a tree into his eye. Happens in the first "case" of Detective Conan.

    The Rain Has Turned to Rust in This Russian Factory Town | Live Science

    Everyone's on a roller coaster going through a Tunnel and they notice that for some reason it's "raining". Then they exit the tunnel and see what's happened to the passenger in front of them In O-Ren Ishii's flashback in Kill Bill Volume 1 , she sees a rain of blood from under a bed where she's hidden after her mother is stabbed up above. Not to be outdone, Army of Darkness has a blood geyser. The trilogy in general seems to have High-Pressure Blood in vast quantities that, frankly, it's surprising that people don't pop like blood-balloons when they get so much as poked.

    House on Haunted Hill has drops of blood fall from the ceiling onto the hand of one of the guests. Watson Pritchard tells the woman that the house has marked her. Notable in being one of the scenes that supports the idea the house is actually haunted. The famous Elevator Scene from The Silence of the Lambs starts with some blood falling from the elevator's ceiling and hitting a cop in the face. It's raining red. Robert the Bruce notices some blood dripping onto his piece of bread, after which Laughlin's lifeless body is dropped from the rafters onto the table, his throat clearly cut wide open , scaring the hell out of the Bruce and his fellow nobles.

    An interesting version Triple Subversion? A drop of blood from a cut in a previous battle with Norman's alter ego almost falls on Norman's head subversion one: it doesn't hit the person it drips on as he turns to leave. Norman hears it splash on the floor subversion two: super senses render the last point moot as he is still aware of the blood drop and looks up, but finds no body subversion three: No body. Non-blood variant: In the first Men in Black movie, Kay realizes that a Bug has infiltrated the morgue when he attempts to smoke a cigarette and bug-spit drips on the tip. Cue the camera panning up to the other morgue employee's corpse glued to the ceiling.

    As they search the jungle below, we see blood dripping on a leaf above their heads, then the camera pans up to reveal the naked body of their colleague hanging from the treetops. The protagonist and his lover resolve the find the missing boy he saw last night, only to find him raped, murdered and tied to a railing above their heads. In The Tripper , this is how a corpse hanging from a tree is discovered. In the original A Nightmare on Elm Street , when Nancy's father arrives at Glen's house after his death, the first thing he sees is blood dripping from the living room ceiling.

    The real thing was a lot worse.

    A 's-era horror movie about a Town with a Dark Secret had children sacrificed by evil cultists. The opening shot features a sleeping woman sitting under a tree. Red drops start falling on her face and she opens her eyes and looks up— only to see her daughter standing over her with a cherry sno-cone. Ravenous , Martha discovers Private Cleaves' body while standing outside a window, and blood starts to drip down on her from the roof.

    Captain Boyd is buried alive at the bottom of a mass grave, with his commanding officers' blood dripping onto him from above. In the musical mystery film Murder at the Vanities , the body of a woman who was killed and left on a catwalk above a theater's stage is discovered after her blood drips onto a chorus girl, who screams. In Scarecrows , the robbers find a parachute tangled in a tree that they think contains the stolen money. Jack climbs the tree to cut the money down, but when he slices open the chute, it is instead full of blood which drenches Curry on the ground.

    In Claude Chabrol 's serial killer movie Le Boucher , a girl on a picnic is about to eat a white bread roll when red drops splash on her bread. The scene has inspired Mary Harron in designing the opening credits for her movie American Psycho. Quite a few pedestrians in the streets below get spattered by blood-drops after Q: The Winged Serpent snatches a sunbather from a rooftop.

    Ripper: Letter from Hell : When the killer butchers Marissa, the blood drips down through a hole in the ceiling on to a white clad party goer who is dancing below, and who does not notice until she is almost drenched in blood. Older Than Television : In Thomas Hardy's classic novel Tess of the d'Urbervilles , the unsuspecting landlady discovers Jerkass Alex D'Urberville's dead body in the upstairs bedroom once the blood starts dripping through the ceiling. Tess stabbed him with a dinner knife after he insulted her beloved Angel. Hardy's usually dry, expository writing becomes particularly gruesome in this scene - describing the bloodstain on the white ceiling as like a giant ace of hearts, and eventually just writing: "drip, drip, drip" The Wheel of Time does this a couple of times in Dream Land.

    Usually because some mook just had his skin ripped off. Counting this because dreams are real. Kerry Greenwood's Blood and Circuses. In the beginning, a bunch of people are having breakfast with their landlady, and the ceiling's leaking- it does that sometimes when someone lets their bath overflow. The landlady asks one of her people to go and ask the guy to do something about it, and she comes back and says the bath's dry as a tap.

    The landlady got a drop on her cheek, and her hand comes away stained with blood.

    Werewolf Book Interview with Glenn Rolfe Author of Blood and Rain

    They look up and there's a massive, spreading red stain on the ceiling. Then she realizes that some of the blood dripped into her tea and she drank it all. Truth in Television ancient purification rite in which a bull is sacrificed over a pit, while the worshipers seeking purity stand underneath to be showered in its blood. Live-Action TV. Used in CSI with the discovery of a body and the iconic line "It's raining manjuice.

    In an episode of Dexter , the titular anti-hero is having memory issues, and can't remember where he hid his most recent corpse. He remembers when a drop of blood hits him on the cheek after falling from the punching bag he had stuffed it in, and hidden in the rafters. In Heroes , Peter discovers that Sylar has overpowered Mohinder when the professor's blood drips down from the ceiling onto him, which may be the only time this happens where the blood comes from someone who survives This occurs twice in the pilot episode of Supernatural : once during the opening flashback, and again at the end of the episode.