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Where are pieces? Second, the magnetic boost that puts pcs automatically is terrible remove that feature. Defeats purpose of challenge. I am having the same problem as Joseph.

How Puzzles Help Your Child’s Development

All my pieces have disappeared after the frame is complete. Please help.

I also asked for help because my levels reset and never heard what was to be done and it never got fixed. Getting frustrated with this!

My coins, levels, photos puzzle and completed puzzles all gone, kindly fix or advice. Ps: went thru the steps in FAQ and even reinstalled, problems not solve. Missing pieces still It seems like the puzzle I'm trying to fit together is zoomed in.

Frequently Asked Questions - Ravensburger

It's not the whole picture. I'm very new, like 1day, to iPhone.

First, check out the Windows Store App troubleshooter included in Windows You can open the Windows Store App troubleshooter as follows. Resetting apps is one of the best way to fix them. Windows 10 includes a Reset option that erases app data and restores the selected app to its default settings.

How to Solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube In No Time - The Easiest Tutorial

You can reset MS Jigsaw as follows. Alternatively, you can reinstall Microsoft Jigsaw.


Then open this page and press the Get it now button to reinstall the app. You can reset the Microsoft Store cache as follows.

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An outdated app is more likely to crash when it starts than an update one.