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Stop by and see if something interests you. Laura Pifer. I'm Laura the designer behind the sewing blog Trash to Couture. I create online sewing content that includes tutorials usually in fashion but can range from embroidery to quilting. Some of my favorite tips. I use a jeans needle for everything, including embroidery.

A pressed project is a professional looking project. I used to skip this step and now I can't imagine why! Your finished projects will turn out better and you will have nice flat seams. I currently am using the SE and love it.

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It's a great all around sewing machine for garment sewing, quilting, and also includes embroidery with a large 5" x 7" hoop area. I would say it's my go to machine right now!

Emily Thompson. I help sewing enthusiasts of all levels make sewing achievable and affordable. My audience is engaged through written tutorials, paid and free patterns, and Facebook live shows each week.

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My favorite machine of all time is my Brother serger I love it so much I even wrote a class helping others to gain confidence using theirs. I sew a lot with knit fabrics. My serger makes sewing this type of fabric so easy to sew. PLUS, the seams hold up when my kids are hard on their clothes!

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Angela Wolf. I also have many online classes and a fashion sewing club for those that want a closer, intimate virtual learning experience. For a few years I have hosted a weekly Facebook Live show, Behind the Scenes, where sewers and crafters from all over the world connect and share something we all have in common … sewing. The longer J-foot combined with longer feed dogs offers a better stitch quality and consistency sewing on any fabric, especially thick fabrics like denim. The best part is that this feature is found on many Brother machines, in various price ranges!

Keeping in touch with my Let's Go Sew friends online makes me feel like I always have sewing friends close by but it sure is fun to get together live an in person to swap stitch glitch stories, share our love of sewing, and experience the tie that binds us together!

Watch Angela Wolf make an on-trend tunic over the course of the season. There are also doll clothes, and fleece coats with strict attention to detail. Images used with permission from KS Productions. I had the privilege of taping a total of seven segments this time around. A mix of wearables, home decor, and great items for gift giving make up the seven shows. Visit www. Be sure to look at the tabs at top of the Home page. You'll find links to important information, including TV listings for your local area. The entire collection is available in a boxed set of DVDs so you can watch whenever you wish.

Here is a summary of season and a list of all the instructors you'll see on these 13 shows. Emily Thompson sews an easy circle skirt, and Sarah Thomas creates projects from the flying geese blocks. Angela adds a cuff trim, Joanne Banko makes a glasses case for guys, and Kay Whitt adds a sunglass pocket to a tote. I hope you enjoy each and every segment! I'd love to know where you watch It's Sew Easy and what day and time you see the show.

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  8. Feel free to let me know in the comments below. I wanted to share my latest published piece, give you a little bit of background on the article, and share a few of my favorite pillow making tips. In other words, if you had to answer that question in a flash, what would you say or show as a shining example?

    Understanding thread weight

    My initial verbal response is a short, sweet statement of why I sew, embroider, and craft at all. The fun and satisfaction of making something and exploring your creative side is exhilarating! With this in mind, I set about to design a project worthy of the pages that fill my favorite magazine. My enthusiasm was huge but my time slot was short. You see, my sewing space was full of projects to be completed for the next series of It's Sew Easy TV. To say that I was swimming in a sea of unfinished projects was an understatement. I opted for the featured pillow project for two main reasons.

    First, it was do-able in the time allowed and second, it really did answer the What, When, and How in my previous exclamation. Something as basic as a pillow is in fact a shining example of an embroidered object that is unique and beautiful. Finding a perfectly sized pillow with the right design, for the right price, in the perfect color in the world of ready-mades would be virtually impossible. I could think of many other projects that represent why I love machine embroidery but a pillow it would be!

    Let me give you a few more details about the pillow itself, along with some Pillow Pointers you may enjoy. Well suited for use on a patio, to find this fabric you can click on the Fabric. The color is called Rave Coral. I found this fabric to be very impressive! It was easy to sew and almost had the look of heavy linen. Designed to withstand sunlight and resist water, it's perfect for decks, patios, pools, etc.

    The Koi fish is embroidered on plain white duck cloth which of course is not water resistant. Fabric aside, the idea for framing the fish is yet another way to use one of my favorite Brother features, the built-in frame pattern option. Over the years, I've used this feature in enough different ways to fill a book!

    You could consider tracing a shape of your own if you don't possess this feature. The article details each step you need to follow to make the pillow from start to finish. In keeping with the outdoor theme the pillow features a simple closure at the back with bright colored KAM Snaps.

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    I hope this project inspires you to make a pillow using your own design ideas. Are you ready for a few pillow pointers? Here's a little bit of stitch entertainment to start this blog post! Rooster and chicks in stitches! Click the arrow and wait a second or two for the stitches to show. Earlier this month I contributed a tea towel project posted on Stitching Sewcial , the official Brother blog.

    It featured the redwork design you see above.

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    My version of farmhouse chic, it's stitched on a hemstitched blank towe l from Dunroven House , combined with color matched decorative stitches and a strip of fabric. Chances are good that your local sewing machine dealer also has multiple design collections with a redwork theme. Dakota Collectables has produced some of my own personal favorites.

    Machine made Redwork embroidery is a quick way to dress up plain lightweight fabrics such as linen, muslin, and Osnaburg cloth. Most often, designs are just one single color, stitched with a straight stitch traveling more than once in the same spot. L ight weight tear-away works well for many projects.