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Rob Salley. Melissa Hill.

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Karina Santos. Jerry Givel. Stacey Simmons. Christina Scott. Joe Harden.

Quon Phillips. Natalie Lopez. Natascha Quarles. Joseph Masek.

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Two-Week Wife

Robert Cooley. Melissa Williams. Ashley Lambert. Joseph Masek. Allante Murray. Joe Harden. Quon Phillips. Thomas Hackman shows as the oldest family member in the Census. His wife is also shown along with four of their other children as well as 41 other children between the ages of 7 and 15, presumably pupils. That stretch had been known as London Road in records of and probably earlier. Do any of you know where it might have been located in? I have searched through newspaper archives etc but have found no real details of the event.

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Were such things that common? Can anyone fill in the blanks? Many Thanks John Butcher. Another relative had his head decapitated at an air field in WWI where he was working in aged only 16 had only just started working for the war effort — on his death certificate the coroner puts his comments and the report found in several newspapers and at the local archives.

I used the British Newspaper Archive for William but no joy, so suggest you obtain the death certificate and contact the local archives. Do you know the history of the Wharfs near Fulham Football ground. One is called Palace Wharf. When were they built and why. Any help gratefully received. For a list of wharves see my post in Contact us for 10 Jan Hammersmith and Fulham had a number of Riverside industry and businesses, including coal imports, marble imports, dust shoots , sugar manufacturers , oil and petrol importers etc. The wharves would have been constructed as the industries developed.

Palace wharf was built in on land owned by James Attersoll acquired in 18th c. Mears and sons who Built the embankment wall for Bishops Park. Many thanks, Susie Longstaff. I believe there were flats above the shops, so may well have been for their employees. I have not checked the census records which will certainly give a clue to the numbers present there.

When the store closed cant remember when but I did go in there in late 50s it became a Council department for Social Services, and library bookstore, and then became the Blue elephant Thai restaurant. If you google Blue elephant Fulham you will find a picture and a street sign giving the numbers of the block.

I cannot remember Timothy Davies store being open during WW2. At one time it was a British Restaurant during the War. The food was not brilliant.

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I have previously had some amazing responses to my comments on this site regarding the old market and my family the Dear family. I have become conscious that, as the generations that directly worked within the market have passed, it has seemingly become a largely forgotten part of everyday Hammersmith life. I have also been surprised at how few photographs appeared to exist of the Bradmore Lane market.

Two-Week Wife (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern): First edition – Mills & Boon UK

As a consequence, I established a Facebook group page in January to remember and celebrate the market. I am particularly keen to find descendants of the Parker family a key part of the Hammersmith market history. In the sixties. My Family name was Roberts, my uncle was married to Ada Parker.. I have fond memories of Hammersmith market. That was in the late fifties early sixties.. I could go on and on. Hi — my grandparents owned a restaurant in the early s in Beadon Road. The list was endless but the celebrities would go nowhere else and were regulars!

I have two or three photos of the inside, but cannot find any archive photos of the frontage on Beadon Road in the late 40s or 50s. If anyone remembers the restaurant, the people or knows about this era i would love to hear. Jack was also a barber by trade starting out in Kings Cross with a barber shop! Jennie was the head cook and also a dressmaker.

Crowley, pp, St Thomas of Canterbury Fulham. I believe he was there from for around 40 years. I look forward to your reply. Many thanks in advance. Hi I wonder if anyone can help solve a puzzle for me. Graham Corio. Searching their online catalogue suggests there may be some documents relating to requisitions for housing. The archivist is there Mondays and Tuesdays. Hello we would love someone from the society to come to our office and talk to us about the history of Fulham so we can relay the information to those clients who are interested.

Would anyone be able to do this? I look forward to hearing from you. Ann Benson.